About me

23 year old guy, pursued my BFA in Applied Arts from College of Art New Delhi and I am currently studying a one year video editing course from FTII-Pune. I am a freelance photographer and a film maker. You can know my work experience from the amount of work I’ve done which is there on my blog.

I have been practicing photography since three years now. Even during this digital phase of the world I like to work on an analog camera, it is there on my blog and it is quite distinctive than the digital pictures.

When I talk about my designing now, its been three to four years since I’ve been freelancing for the same. I knew that I could illustrate but I wasn’t aware of my designing skillsĀ untilĀ I gave it a try during my internship at WWF when designed a book for ‘em from the scratch. It was a nice experience and will upload the pdf file soon.

As a film maker it has been a few months since I have started freelancing and have worked with several private firms, Norwood Greens – Palampur, Delhi Daredevils – IPL team etc. Made a short film Sattvika which had won an award and was felicitated by Mr. Amitabh Bachan.

Hope you have a nice time going through my work.



30 thoughts on “About me

  1. your smile was very nice bro.i am a very big fan.i have opened a facebook for u only.i have also send message to u.please bro add me.

  2. hi Pooraj sir,
    I’m interested in taking photography as a career. Now I am a student of 12 standard. How should I proceed towards my goal?
    Please help me out!!

  3. pooraj bro! excellent snap last episode than varun bro’s image.any good job.all the best for next episode.i ask u100 times to accept my request friend request in fb.plzzzzzz.
    and then u changed some bg and fonts.its really nice.

  4. I thought u will win bro I am sorry a great show lost great photograher…. I like all of u r puc during the journey

  5. hey,i ws one of ur huge fan… bt hw u could be eliminated .. u shuld win.. bcs u ws d bst.. nyway bst of luck for ur future. .. :-) n plz accept my frnd rqst .. ;-)

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